Matthew's Eagle Court of Honor

(The ceremony will begin at 7:00 pm MDT on August 4, 2018)

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Project Videos:

Introduction to the Eagle Project

This video introduces my eagle project and teaches how to sign in to FamilySearch.
Intro To Indexing

This video teaches you the basics of indexing! Taught by Leslie Chandler.
Adding Photos and other Memories to your Family Tree

Learn the basics of adding pictures, stories, documents, recordings, and other memories to FamilySearch.
Searching for Records using FamilySearch

Learn to efficiently and accurately search records on FamilySearch. Taught by Janet Anderson.
Finding Names to take to the Temple

The Wednesday Evening session of the Finding Names to take to the Temple class. Turn it on and let your youth group follow along! Taught by Matia Young.
Intro To Indexing

Another session of the Intro To Indexing class. Taught by Leslie Chandler.
Eagle Project Conclusion

I say a few words in closing about the Eagle Project. Thanks everybody!

Eagle Project Original Schedule (All in 2017):